AAI Talent

At AAI we are committed to transparent, disciplined and creative supervision for the organization. This begins with our Board of Directors, which provides not only legal oversight of the organization, but also sets the artistic vision, raises and manages the organization’s capital and responds to the guidance given by our Board of Advisors and the academic and artistic communities we serve. Each member of the Board of Directors is chosen based on their ability to contribute meaningfully to the organization, on individual skills and knowledge, and on the connections the Board member brings to the Assyrian art world.


Nora Betyousef Lacey

Nora is an experienced leader, a notable groundbreaker, who established Cell Marque Corporation. For 20 years, she led her biotechnology company into global acclaim,...

Patricia (Pat) Splinter
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Pat is a powerful Assyrian, a successful Silicon Valley executive, and a Venture Capitalist; she brings a wealth of experience and passion to her...