About AAI

Assyrian Arts Institute

Through preservation, exhibition, and scholarship, AAI nurtures a rich set of values which were born of culture and geography, survived through passion, and now belong to all who embrace and interpret them around the globe. If you are an artist, patron, historian, or just someone who appreciates passionate art, we invite you to join us in our quest.

Mission Statement

Through exhibition and scholarship, the Assyrian Arts Institute mainstreams Assyrian arts as a way to preserve the Assyrian identity, show continuity, and to raise global awareness so that the Assyrian culture and traditions may be embraced and celebrated by all.

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Vision & Value Statement

AAI believes that the arts are one of humanity’s most profound means of understanding the world and its diverse cultures. Through the arts we find the universal language that permits empathy, appreciation, and unity. Therefore, AAI serves as an educational resource and provider of exhibitions and performances of Assyrian arts that reflect the highest standards of excellence to the broadest possible global audience.