Bianca Betdashtoo


The majority of children color books for amusement; however, Bianca Betdashtoo is an exception. Instead of using paper like a typical child, she used her brother as her mural. Color after color engraved on her little brother’s skin, with no restriction from her and her canvas, until her parents came home and saw the catastrophe that was her artwork laid all over her brother. Since that occurrence, she has been fascinated by anything involving art from pursuing countless art courses as a child to attending fashion school, where she produced collections and also participated in design projects with top-tier companies. Bianca does not want to confine herself to a particular medium or style and strives to experiment with as many different techniques as she can. However, her preferred outlets for creativity are oil painting and designing and sewing apparel. Her philosophy is, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”. She is intrigued by the creative power of the subconscious mind, enigmatic surroundings and landscapes, and ethereal and eerie imagery, and she desires to emanate this in her artwork. As a result, she is heavily influenced by impressionism in the way she expresses her perception of nature, objects, and scenery, as well as being drawn to surrealism as a means of channeling her personality and abstract thoughts. Her appreciation for art inspired her to create Rogue Tears, a clothing brand that represents expression, inclusivity, craftsmanship, authenticity, and sustainability and is a special zone of creativity. Following an eye-opening experience in her homeland (Assyria), Bianca now intends to focus her artwork and designs on Assyria and the Assyrian people in such a way that it not only instills emotion in Assyrians but in any people who have faced adversity.

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