Janelle Yausif

Janelle Yausif is a 20-year-old Soprano Opera singer born in Toronto, Canada. From a young age, she has always had a strong passion for music.

The young soprano entered many singing competitions, pageants, and conventions; wining first place and overall. Travelling to Los Angeles, Janelle at the age of ten won overall winner at a big voice competition in Hollywood and was then invited to perform at the Red Carpet’s award night.  In 2012, Janelle also took part of the Rome Opera Music Festival and travelled to Italy to perform.

Now at the age of twenty, Janelle has already performed almost all over the world, with multiple sold-out concerts and tours, leaving audiences shocked and standing on their feet.

In recent events, the young soprano won first place in the international Water Cube Chinese singing competition that was aired live in Beijing, China after she stole the show with her beautiful and triumphant performance in Mandarin. Janelle is currently continuing her education amidst her touring and recordings at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of music.

Joy of Christmas Choral Concert
Dec 3, 2022