Nenous Thabet


Nenous Thabet Mikhail is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Mosul University in the Department of Plastic Arts and Department of Fine Arts. He grew up in a household that consisted of his father, mother, two sisters, and two brothers. From childhood, Nenous had a passion for art. His father, Thabet Mikhail, also an artist by trade, taught him how to sculpt and draw. He further developed his talent in drawing through his studies in university. Nenous gained international recognition for his reaction to ISIS’ destruction. He humbly retells, “My real beginning in art was at the age of sixteen, when I sculpted Lamassu in response to what ISIS destroyed from our monuments and history.”

His passion led him to participate in multiple art exhibitions in the Governorates of Iraq. Nenous also participated in art competitions, in the category of sculpting, at the University of Mosul. He won first place for two consecutive years in the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 timeframe. At the 2019 Iraqi Universities Art Competition, Nenous sculpted three works for the Yazidi. In 2021, he also sculpted three martyrs for the competition.

In Nenous’ sparetime, he helps his father, the sculptor Thabet Mikhail, create many artistic monuments; most notably the monument of the Church of Salvation in Baghdad, the monument of the girl of Umm al-Rabeein in Mosul, the stature of the return in Baghdida, as well as the statue of the Virgin Mary in the city of Tahra, where Pope Francis visited while in Baghdida.

This is Nenous’ first trip to the United States. During his stay, sponsored by the Assyrian Arts Institute, Nenous was able to tour many Assyrian populated cities including San Jose, Modesto, and Turlock. Each city welcomed him with open arms and he conducted many art focused workshops and paint evening. On August 27th, Nenous participated in an Assyrian panel discussion at Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Nenous finishes his US tour, here at the 89th National Assyrian Convention presenting his work at “The Assyrian Legacy” AAI Art Gallery. Take a piece of history home with you!

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