Odette Tomik


Odette Tomik was born in Tehran – Iran in 1964.  In 1985, she was accepted in Al-Zahra University of Tehran in field of painting.  This institution is one of the rare universities in the world designed to train only women.  Distinguished professors such as Irandokht Mohases, Bahman Broujenie and Jaghoub Amamepich were among her professors.  In 1991, she graduated with a B.A. in painting.

Then she came in contact with famous Assyrian-Iranian painter, Hanibal Alkhas and she started working on subjects related to Assyrian life, figures, and mythology.

Her series of paintings about “Immigration” were exhibited in several exhibitions and biennials.  Since 2002, she has lived in Los Angeles and has been working prolifically with several solo and group shows in Iran and United States.  She has illustrated several books.  She has a captivating story telling ability and paints in magical mystical compositions with vibrant colors, strong figures, and movements.

In the new paintings she used the mixed media to show the conception of what inspire her ; what she feels and sees from the conception of the forms , colors and the movements. there are two different subjects that inspire her, humans and nature. The deep love between human beings with each other and with the nature around them is what is shown in the paintings . she believes there is always hope on the road for all livings, even if it is smaller than we think. but somehow, she always tried to show it in  her arts.

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